A bridge program at FIMS is a program aimed at providing additional support to students who may not have a strong foundation in business or related subjects. The bridge program is essentially a pre-MBA course that helps the students to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to perform well in the MBA program.

This program is especially helpful for students who may have an undergraduate degree in a non-business-related field or have been away from academics for more than a year. The bridge program can help bridge the gap between the knowledge and skills needed for an MBA and the student’s current knowledge and skills.

The curriculum of the bridge program covers topics such as Accounting, Information technology, Finance, Quantitative analysis, Business writing, Communication and presentation skills, and Teamwork and leadership development. The students are assisted in developing study habits, time management, and other skills that will assist them in their academic pursuits.

The duration of the bridge program is typically 2 weeks, but may vary depending on the requirements of the University.

Communication games

Communication games are essential ingradient of Bridge program @FIMS these are activities and exercises that improve teammates' ability to exchange information.

MS Excel training

The MS Excel bridge program @FIMS is a specialized training program designed to enhance the proficiency levels of MBA students in using MS Excel. The program is designed to provide students with the technical skills they need in order to use Excel effectively for data analysis and modeling purposes.

Bridge Programs 3

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