An international study tour conducted by FIMS, give MBA students an excellent opportunity to gain practical knowledge and experience of global business practices. It involves visiting foreign countries to observe and learn from successful businesses, industry leaders, and cultural experiences.

During an international study tour, MBA students can interact with professionals from different industries and countries, learn about their business strategies, understand cultural differences, and explore new markets. This exposure can help students gain a broader perspective on global business trends, develop cross-cultural communication skills, and expand their professional networks.

An international study tour can also enhance students’ resumes, making them more attractive to potential employers. It demonstrates a student’s initiative, global perspective, and ability to adapt to new environments, all of which are highly valued in today’s global business environment.

To make the most out of an international study tour, MBA students should prepare themselves by conducting research on the countries they will visit, learning the local customs and languages, and developing questions to ask the professionals they will meet. Students should also be open-minded and ready to learn, explore, and embrace new experiences. Last year FIMS Students visited Malaysia as part of their International Study Tour.