FIMS Waves is meant for Experience sharing by Successful entrepreneurs and Senior managers with the students. It is an essential part of the learning process. These sessions are designed to allow students to learn from the practical experiences of professionals who have worked in the industry for many years. The objective is to enhance the skills and knowledge of future managers, helping them to overcome the challenges that they will face in the business world.

At FIMS, managers are invited to share their experiences with students in several formats. This may include panel discussions, seminars, and talk shows. During these sessions, the managers discuss the challenges they faced when starting their careers, the mistakes they made, and the strategies they employed to overcome those challenges.

Experience sharing by managers helps students to learn from real-life experiences and develop a nuanced understanding of the business world. It is also an opportunity for the managers to understand the challenges that the next generation of managers will face, and to offer practical advice on how to overcome them.

FIMS WAVES 5th Edition

Glimpses of “FIMS Waves 2021”. Dr. CM Najeeb, Managing Director (Shipco,Oman) interacted with our students and shared the untold story of his life and business on the occassion.