Alumini Community

It is no small feat for an Indian B-School to attain the amazing success that FIMS has had over the years. It is mostly due to the college’s illustrious base of more than 1,000 graduates. The Alumni Association Committee at FIMS works to increase student, teacher, and alumni engagement. It seeks to serve the graduates, promote chances for maximum participation, recognise the alumni’s achievements, and provide a forum for them to share their experiences and journey.

Alumni association sustain a certain set of ideals and instill the culture of success in the lives of students. The committee’s mission is to connect, bind, and network. It encourages alumni to maintain and deepen ties with FIMS and fellow graduates. AAC works tirelessly to strengthen ties with alumni and foster a thriving community of individuals who contribute to the institution’s success.

To connect with its members, the committee hosts batch meetings, local meetings, and global meetings. Initiatives such as FIMS meet have been implemented to fulfil this aim and increase engagement between students and alumni. These recurring initiatives have shown to be very much beneficial for all peoples involved. It aids current students in comprehending the subtleties of business life, enabling them to bring leadership and style that can appeal to a wider audience. Alumni are afforded the opportunity to interact with the leaders of tomorrow and gain fresh new perspectives that they can use into their profession. It ultimately results in a symbiotic connection in which all parties interact, bond, and learn from one another.


Alumni of FIMS play an important role in helping current students build their careers. They provide mentorship, networking opportunities, or job/internship referrals. For instance, alumni associations often organize networking events or other career-related activities, which can help students connect with potential employers and learn more about various career paths.

FIMS proudly retain their alumni as career resources by keeping them engaged and connected through regular communication, events, and other initiatives. This helps creating a sense of community among alumni and current students, fostering a culture of giving back and supporting each other’s career aspirations.

Lifelong Learning

FIMS Alumni can benefit greatly from the concept of life-long learning as it provides them with an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills through various means such as informal interactions with faculty members, training programs, self-study, and other developmental opportunities to remain updated on industry trends and advancements, and develop new perspectives and insights.

Moreover, FIMS alumni can leverage the resources and expertise of their alma mater to access learning opportunities such as online courses, workshops and conferences. These platforms enable alumni to remain engaged with their educational institution and network with like-minded individuals who share similar interests.