Alliance and Partnerships

International MOU 

FIMS has an MOU in place for collaboration with Saxion University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands from 2019. This enables student exchange programs, faculty exchange programs, and research collaboration. As a part of this Professors from Saxion University conducts a course on Sustainable Business Strategies at the FIMS campus for the students enrolling. Professors from FIMS also offer courses on Brand Management & Leadership at Saxion Campus.

International Research Collaboration

Research collaboration is in place between these two campuses on Business Models. Prof. Ahamed Riaz of FIMS and Prof.Thierry Tartarin of Saxion University, Netherlands collaborated for research with researchers from Romania, Netherlands, and  Vietnam on “COVID-19 Impact on Business Models and Business Practices: Results from an International Online Survey” which was presented at the International Conference of Finance & Economics at Vietnam and published in International Journal.

Academic Collaborations

FIMS has an MOU in place for collaboration with Great Learning Academy for Learning Management Systems and Certification courses. The content is curated from Great Learning’s flagship programs in partnership with world-renowned universities such as the University of Texas Austin, Purdue University, Stanford, MIT, IIT Madras, PES University, Great Lakes Institute of Management, etc. and created by the world’s best faculties and industry practitioners.

Placement Training Collaborations

FIMS has an MOU in place for collaboration with Great Learning Academy for JOB READINESS PROGRAM. The Job Readiness Program is designed to ensure that MBA graduates get learning and job outcomes. There will be regular assessments after each component. In the end, there will be a comprehensive Job Ready Assessment conducted to determine the job readiness level of students and they will get access to Job Opportunities via Great Learning’s network of 400+ Hiring Partners.

MOOC Collaborations for International University Certifications

FIMS has a Campus collaboration with COURSERA through which students can get free access to certifications from International Universities like the University of London, Stanford University, University of Michigan, Sydney University, University of California, etc. Students also get access to hundreds of guided projects from companies across the world. Our students make use of these platforms to get international exposure.