Management Consultancy

FIMS Centre for Management Research (FIMSMR) is an initiative which came out of the thrust which FIMS gives for research on topics having high Managerial relevance in the Companies. The centre provide expert advice and guidance to organizations in order to help them improve their performance, solve problems, and achieve their objectives. This can include a range of services such as strategy development, process improvement, organizational design, and technology implementation. It started its operations in the year 2015 and is headed by FIMS Director, and assisted by a team of experienced researchers and faculty members.

The centre work in teams, collaborating with clients to gather data and information about the organization, its industry, and its competitors. We use this information to develop and implement solutions that can help the organization overcome challenges and achieve its objectives.

The process typically involves several phases, including problem identification, data gathering and analysis, solution development, implementation, and evaluation. Throughout the process, we work closely with their clients to ensure that their solutions are aligned with the organization’s goals and are feasible to implement. The centre undertakes research studies, market surveys, feasibility studies, management consultancy and human resource development and training in India and abroad.

Some of the Management Development Programmes held recently were for Malappuram Chamber of Commerce, Peekey Steels, Paragon…etc.



FIMS regularly publish newsletters (FIMSSCAN) to keep their students, faculty, alumni, and other stakeholders informed about the latest developments in the field of management. These newsletters include updates on research, alumni achievements, upcoming events, and career opportunities. It help to build a sense of community and keep all members of the college.

The college also publish proceedings of the conferences we conduct to showcase original research, review articles, and case studies created by scholars and practitioners. The latest proceedings publication is “Proceedings of the International Conference on Emerging trends in Business and Management” published in November 2021


Working Paper

FIMS Working Paper Series includes abstracts and papers in several areas of management and business including but not limited to organizational behavior, human resource management, strategic management, entrepreneurship, innovation, and international business. The primary audience for FIMS working papers in Management are scholars and researchers in the field of management, as well as practitioners who are interested in staying up-to-date with the latest research findings.

Working papers may also be used by business owners and other stakeholders who are interested in understanding the implications of academic research for management practice. Working papers are often published more quickly than traditional academic journals, allowing researchers to disseminate their findings more quickly and receive feedback from their peers.

At FIMS, scholars and faculty use SSRN (Social Science Research Network), which is dedicated towards active dissemination of scholarly research and encourages early distribution of research results through its specialized networks for the publication of working papers.


Research workshops

FIMS regularly conduct Management research workshops on behalf of FIMSMR, these workshops are training program designed for individuals interested in conducting research related to management. The workshops offer a structured approach to learning about the research process, including how to develop research questions, design research studies, collect and analyze data, and disseminate research findings.

The workshops are usually conducted by Industry experts and academicians who have extensive knowledge and expertise in the selected field. They provide valuable insights into various research methodologies, such as innovative research techniques, specialized software, quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods, and offer guidance on selecting appropriate research methods based on the research questions.

These workshops can benefit individuals at various stages of their academic or professional careers. Graduate students and early-career researchers can gain valuable skills and knowledge to conduct high-quality research, while established researchers can use the workshops to update their skills and stay current with the latest research trends and methodologies.

Attending management research workshops also provides opportunities for networking and collaboration with other researchers in the field. Participants can interact with experts and peers, exchange ideas and feedback, and form partnerships for future research projects.